For years, we’ve held weekend book sales at our branches and hosted our annual Big Book Sale.  It’s been our signature way of providing you with regular opportunities to buy gently used library materials to build your personal library while supporting your local library at the same time.

What you may not know is that we also provide branches with books for their ongoing lobby sales.

To give you the best opportunities to buy our gently used material, we are ramping up our lobby sales at every location in 2013 and offering a better variety of material that will be regularly refreshed. It’s like having access to a weekend book sale at any time and at your convenience. We will still hold our annual Big Book Sale in the fall and provide notice of any other special opportunities as they arise.

Great news: you can now buy our books online!

Our partnership with Thrift Books means that you can shop online 24 hours a day, receive FREE shipping directly to your door, and still support your Library – all by shopping at

While our weekend branch sales will be going away, we hope these new opportunities provide you with greater convenience in accessing quality materials that are ready for a permanent home.

Take advantage of these four great ways to buy books and support the library with every purchase:

        LobbySales                NewLibraryStoreLogo_2011

      BBS Big Book Sale logo             ThriftBook


 When you visit Thrift Books, make sure you’re on the Friends of the Library store, which is accessible at This ensures your purchases are from our store with proceeds benefitting the library.

Purchases outside of our store link on the Thrift Books website will not benefit the library.

Book Donation Guidelines

What We’re Looking For

Friends of the Library can accept all kinds of clean, attractive books and audio-visual materials.

Our Most Wanted List

Books, audio books or A/V materials on these themes:

• Art • Decorating • Military
• Biographies • Gardening • Photography
• Children’s • History • Travel
• Cooking • Sheet Music
• Crafts • Home Improvement

Donations We Can’t Accept

  • Magazines
  • Old text books
  • Legal books that are out of date
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Encyclopedias older than 5 years
  • Anything in poor condition—no damaged, dirty, mildewed items, please

For any items Friends do not accept, try used book stores or donating them to local schools, retirement communities, clinics, or medical offices or to a recycling company.

How to Donate

Bring boxes marked “Friends of the Library” to any Columbus Metropolitan Library branch or to the Library Store at the Main Library.

To donate a large quantity, call the Friends of the Library at 614.849.1008 or e-mail to make arrangements.


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