Parsons kids win rides

Sydni Stokes, age 5, won 31’s SRC bike.  She and her family are regulars in the branch and were very excited to hear that Sydni won.  We were a little worried that the bike might be too big but Sydni had just learned how to ride her big sister’s bike last week.  Now, she has her own set of wheels and is just thrilled (and her sister is glad she doesn’t need to share her bike anymore too)! 

Stuart Landry, age 5, won 31’s boy bike.  Throughout the summer Stuart and his family came in many times to check out big stacks of books.  When I called his mom to tell them of the big news, she went silent and I thought the line had dropped.  Then she asked if I was a prank caller.  I had to assure her several times that Stuart was indeed the winner and that we were thrilled his dedication to reading over the summer resulted in a brand new bike!  Needless to say, Stuart was one very happy little boy.

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