Children’s Book Sale FAQs

When is the Sale?
The Children’s Book Sale is open to ALL:
2020 date TBD

Clearance Sale (Bag Sale)
2020 date TBD

Where is the sale?

2020 Location TBD

What are the prices?
Children’s books  $1
Paperback books $2
Hardcover books $3
CDs  $2
DVDs/Blu-Ray  $3
There are items that will be priced individually (i.e. encyclopedia sets)

What type of payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash and credit cards.

Will you have bags?
Yes, we will have Friends of the Library tote bags for sale at $3.50 each. We might have limited grocery-style bags available, but we highly recommend you bring your own (heavier duty) bags.

Are re-sellers welcome?
This sale is exclusive to educators and parents; scanning will not be permitted.

How can I become a Friends member?
Memberships start at $25, and offer a lot of great benefits, including 10% purchases at the Children’s Sale and early access to the Big Book Sales. Learn more here:

I’d like to volunteer – where can I learn more?
We welcome your help! Check out here…


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