Parsons branch holds art show reception

A Children’s Art Show Reception was held at the Parsons branch on April 6.  The show of support from parents and teachers for the young artists of the Parsons community was just wonderful. Due to the generosity of FOL we were able to purchase an enormous cake and refreshments for the 100+ people that showed up.

Have you seen the Parsons window seat?

The Parsons branch recently had a window seat installed in their children’s area, complete with Ready to Read manipulative panels. On the very first day, one of the regular customers commented, “It’s so wonderful what you do for the kids in this community. They really deserve it.” About an hour after that, one young boy and his mother arrived

. He was so thrilled to discover something new to play with, that he happily posed for pictures! He was very reluctant to leave.

And Kathy Shahbodaghi stopped in yesterday and shared this: “I spent a delightful 15 minutes on the floor playing with a 4 year old and the manipulatives. She was interested in them, but wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do (her older sibling wasn’t paying any attention). She didn’t know her colors, except red, or her letters. Without any effort at all, she knew 3 new colors by the time we were done and the letter B. In fact, she was so proud of her new found knowledge that she spontaneously started pointing out colors–in the bench and on the stained glass in the window. When I left, she was happily telling herself more stories (from the spinning stories)!”

Friends support teen lock-in

The South High Branch and Friends of the Library helped celebrate the end of Teen Tech Week with its annual spring lock-in. Twenty-four teens enjoyed a typical lock-in evening of food, video games, unlimited computer use and even a little bit of reading. They also enjoyed a surprise presentation from the Columbus Police Department. They were given an in-depth look at the daily routine of a Columbus Police Officer as presented by the South High area’s community liaison, Officer Brad White. At the end of the presentation, Officer White opened the floor for questions and said there was only one thing that the teens could not ask: “Why do cops always eat donuts?” Everyone had a wonderful time and this was such a great way for the South High teens to cap off Teen Tech Week!